Parabolic shock absorbers

The parabolic rubber feet, also called rubber bumpers or shock absorbers are composed of a rubber part vulcanized directly to a metal part, usually consists of a disk and a screw attached to it.

The co-moulding of rubber-metal is that of standard shock absorbers production technology, composed by two screws, male or female and a disk of elastomers material between them.


The standard material for the feet production is the rubber SBR, but it’s possible to produce them in other material depend on application.


Code Ø A (mm) Height B (mm) Screw C (mm) Thread F (mm) Max Load (Kg)
SATP4030PM845 40 30 23 M8 70
ANT PAR 40/60 40 60 18 M10 70
ANT PAR 50/50 50 50 35 M8 70
ANT PAR 60/60 60 60 25 M10 100

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