Sucker Shaped Shock Absorbers

The adhesion of rubber to metal comes from the standard shock absorbers production technology, and is made up of two screws, (male or female) with a disk of elastic polymer between them.

The sucker shaped rubber feet are used as a foot support, but also as anti-vibration buffer, they have the shape but not the function of a suction cap.

The standard material is the rubber SBR, but we can produce them in other materials depending on the application


The sucker shaped rubber feet, also called rubber bumpers or shock absorbers are composed of a rubber part vulcanized directly to a metal part, usually in the form of a disk with a screw attached to it.



Code Ø D (mm) Height B (mm) Screw C (mm) Ø Thread F (mm)
EPV3520PM870 35 20 16 8MA maschio
EPV3525PM870 35 25 16 8MA maschio
PIE 45/20VM6 45 20 16 6MA maschio
EPV45/20PM5/18S60 45 20 18 5MA maschio
EPV45/20PM6/10S60 45 20 10 6MA maschio
PIE 50/30VM8 50 33 13 8MA maschio
PIE 50/40VM8 50 40 13 8MA maschio

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