Cylindrical Feet

The cylindrical rubber feet, (also called rubber bumpers or shock absorbers) are composed of a rubber part vulcanized directly to a metal part, which usually consists of a disk with a screw attached to it.


BARBIERI RUBBER has been constantly improving our line of rubber cylindrical shock absorbers for over 50 years and moreover we are able to quote very competitive prices because of our scale of production.


Code Ø A (mm) Height B (mm) Screw C (mm) Ø Thread F Max Load (Kg)
PIE 25/7 25 7 23 8MA maschio 60
PIE 25/18RM6 25 18 23 6MA maschio 70
PIE 40/15RM8X22 40 15 22 8MA maschio 110
PIE 40/30RF8 40 30 8MA Femmina 120
PIE 40/30RM8 40 30 23 8MA maschio 120
PIE 40/30RM10 40 30 23 10MA maschio 120
PIE 40/40RM8 40 40 23 8MA maschio 130
PIE 40/40RM10 40 40 28 10MA maschio 130
PIE 48X14RM10X25 48 14 27 10MA maschio 140
PIE 50/20RM10 50 20 48 10MA maschio 160
PIE 50/20RM12 50 20 48 12MA maschio 160
PIE 110/30RM14 110 30 70 14MA maschio 200

Additional information



The standard material for the feet production is the rubber SBR, a material that combines excellent mechanical properties and durability. Production in other materials can be considered in where the article will be used in high temperature environments and/or in contact with aggressive substances.

Technical features

– The connection between the rubber and metal part can handle the same level of traction    than the rubber body<br>- Special NBR/SBR rubber mixture <br>- The controlled vulcanization does not produce any air bubbles inside the rubber body<br>- All the metal parts are made from good quality steel (eventually stainless steel)<br>- Continuous and failure-resistant connection between metal parts<br>- Reliable galvanization