Modular Bellows

Barbieri Rubber modular bellows cover a wide range of diameters and can be produced in any length.

They are a modular system, which allows you to mount the protective bellows on any flange from 10 to 118mm even with a non-circular section. The modular bellows keeps contaminants away from the stem or screw, preventing damage and greatly increasing the useful life of the device.





The modular bellows consists of 3 main components: Bellows, collar, and joint.

The collars and joints are assembled with the bellows by interlocking the ends. The collars are the two end sections of the bellows.

By drilling a hole of the correct dimensions, you can obtain the perfect grip on the flange and ensure the seal.

The optional joint allows the connection of more bellows together so as to obtain any length.

Available in various models and dimensions, the modular bellow is the ideal solution. Its appearance is perfect for the application and, at the same time, it ensures complete protection for any mechanical component.


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Additional information

Application Areas

When dirt, grit, metal chips, water, and other contaminants are deposited on exposed piston rods of hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders, or on screws and rods of jacks and electric actuators, these contaminants drastically reduce the lifespan of sealing rings, causing leaks and damaging the device irreversibly. Moreover, contaminants may work their way into the hydraulic fluid and cause problems throughout the system.

Under these conditions, installing a protection bellow can make a huge difference in terms of durability. The problem lies in the availability of a bellow having collars with correct dimensions, closed length and stroke. Barbieri Rubber’s modular system can solve all these problems and is the perfect solution within their range of dimensions.

BARBIERI RUBBER holds the patent of the MODULAR BELLOW, which can be adapted to the dimensions of the flange on which it must be installed (from 10 mm to 118 mm).

Standard materials

(always in stock):


Oil resistant (black) Resistant to oil and grease. Protected against sunrays for outdoor applications. Excellent elasticity and durability.


(black) Resistant to sun and weather agents for long-lasting outdoor applications. Not resistant to oils and grease.


(orange, RAL 2004) Food-grade, resistant to a continuous heat of up to 200 °C. Top quality, elasticity and durability. Fairly good resistance to oils and grease.


A hole of the required size and shape is drilled into the collars to fit them on the machinery.

The collars are made of the same elastic rubber as the bellow. Therefore, the entire diameter must be smaller than the diameter on which they will be installed (fitted).

We recommend applying a hole 5% smaller than the diameter on which they will be fitted.

Then, another hole must be drilled to allow for the passage of air.

The axial movement causes a variation in the internal volume.

Therefore, this hole is important because the air must enter and exit the bellow during the movement cycles. Slow cycles (exceeding 5 seconds) require one air passage hole, while faster cycles require two or more holes.

A filter allows the bellow to retain clean air and leave dust and solid contaminants, whose dimensions are larger than the filter’s mesh, outside.

For vertical or inclined installations (outdoor applications), the application of the filter to the lower flange protects the rod against liquids and rain and also allows the condensation (if any) inside the system to drain.


Barbieri Rubber manufactures all modular bellow components through injection molding and vulcanization (The chemical reaction typical of the production of technical rubber products). The same reaction occurs during the production of vehicle tires.

Other rubber bellows models

For applications that require dimensions other than those covered by the modular bellows, see standard bellows. In the event a special bellows is required, Barbieri Rubber offers complete custom design, engineering, and manufacturing services based on 50 years of experience.

Based on your requirements in terms of shape, movement, and environment, we will propose the best material for a wide range of extreme applications (high and low temperatures, presence of oils and solvents, acids, aggressive chemicals and other fluids). We will also study materials and shapes for particular conditions, such as abrasion, high operation frequency, solar radiation, presence of ozone, oxygen, or dust and grit.