Rectangular Bellows

Rectangular geometry is certainly one of the least common bellows designs. As for the cylindrical bellows, they can be installed on axial movements of mechanisms with a rectangular geometry and thus act as protection along the whole rod during the axial stroke.


The rectangular bellows, however, are also suitable for the protection of components with polar movement (elbow) since they can tolerate lateral bending that other geometries do not allow.

They are therefore used in devices such as mechanical arms, robotic arms, electrical cable passage channels, and support and rotation systems for panels or push buttons.



Code B1
Lenght MAX
SOF RET P 33 55 10 36 57 10 220 105
SOF RET M 35 114 9 35 114 9 240 180
SOF RET G 46 175 0 60 195 10 380 70
SOF RET 300 280 300 20 305 300 15 400 180
SOF RET 370×370 368 368 15 368 368 15 250 170

Additional information


For over 50 years our research on all bellows and boots materials has been continually improved and tested onsite and even in customer laboratories in order to improve all aspects of performance.

Our bellows can today be produced of special materials, or standard materials such as NBR, EPDM, CR if cost is the primary concern.

The new compounds of today are a special mix of standard raw materials. They ensure that the bellows will last a long time, with good aesthetics and tolerance of a wide temperature range. Some materials are excellent for outdoor applications because they are resistant to degradation by exposure to the sun’s UV rays, while others are resistant to prolonged contact with mineral oils and greases.

For special applications, new molding technologies now allow for bellows production in more sophisticated materials such as: VMQ, Silicone, FKM, Viton, CR, Neoprene, and Chloroprene.


For urgent needs see our list of standard RECTANGULAR BELLOWS for which we already have the production mold.