For 50 years BARBIERI RUBBER has been manufacturing all the rubber parts in the steering system of vehicles and other means of transport and movement, produced by the most prestigious European manufacturers.

Over the years we have specialized in designing and molding shock absorbers for the steering column, protection boots and bellows for transmission assemblies, and steering axle joints.

The protection boot for the steering system protects the constant-velocity joint from dust, mud, water and small solid bodies. The use of quality rubber in the protection boot is a necessity to achieve the high level of performance required by our automotive sector clients.

Once the bellows or boot mold has been created, we can produce it (by compression or injection molding) using all the main types of rubber available on the market. The choice of material for the boot is as important as its design.



BARBIERI RUBBER also designs and manufactures rubber bellows to protect brake pumps and brake valves.

The bellows or boot protects the brake pump components from dust and other aggressive external agents, prolonging their average life. The rubber compound used is highly elastic and highly resistant to mechanical and chemical attacks, and it is also perfectly resistant to brake fluid and brake oil.

In this way, protection of the brake pump is ensured for many years even in severe weather conditions.

BARBIERI RUBBER has studied different shock absorber devices for electric motors and drive shafts; small rubber parts, suitably designed, have greatly increased comfort inside the car, not only in terms of noise level, but also of vibration transmitted to the person in the car by the many moving parts.

Rubber spring drives, apparently insignificant, but carefully designed and tested, silence the drive system and decrease mechanical stress. In the same way, bearing supports made from special materials and to special hardness levels can greatly reduce the noise produced by a ventilation system whilst increasing its reliability and durability.

Brake pumps

Barbieri also produces many items installed in the engine, such as rubber manifolds, suction seals, and air and fuel pipes; items that require specialized rubber compounds due to the fact that they are in contact with aggressive substances, (oil or gasoline and fuel in general), and are operating in the presence of temperatures that in some areas may even compromise the working life of the component.

Furthermore, the rubber components near the engine must maintain good flexibility over time because vibrations cause mechanical stress in the rubber and speed up its deterioration.

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The rubber that is used must be both elastic, to keep the mechanical stress within the elastomer to a minimum, and also mechanically resistant to shocks.

The rubber of the protective boot is frequently hit by splashes of fluid such as oil and gasoline, while grease or lubricant that is corrosive for certain types of rubber is used inside the steering joint. These conditions make proper engineering of the materials critically important.

Also, correct determination of the temperature range in which the rubber component will be working is vital, so as to avoid problems of vitrification or deterioration of the material, resulting in the loss of its fundamental elasticity.

For all of these reasons, the choice of rubber is a determining factor; BARBIERI RUBBER usually studies and plans both the design and the material to be used in collaboration with the customer.

Es muy importante determinar el intervalo de temperaturas bajo las que trabajará el artículo de goma para evitar problemas de vitrificación o deterioro del material con la consiguiente pérdida de características elásticas fundamentales.

Por todos estos motivos, la elección de la goma es un factor determinante.

BARBIERI RUBBER estudia y proyecta en colaboración con el cliente tanto el diseño como el material a utilizar, ofreciendo también el servicio de análisis de los materiales y efectuando pruebas de vida acelerada en laboratorio.


Barbieri Rubber has been involved with the manufacture of brake pincers for over 50 years, from design to production of the dust boot and the piston seal.

The materials developed for these items have taken several years of study and testing and are still evolving and being improved upon.

The rubber used is certified, it is not subject to deterioration by the brake oil or brake fluid, and at the same time it maintains its seal and protection characteristics for a long time.