BARBIERI RUBBER specializes in the design and manufacture of protective bellows and boots for hydraulic valves and hydraulic distributor levers.



50 years of experience in the hydraulics sector has enabled us to perfect various rubber mixes that are resistant to hydraulic fluid, and are at the same time resistant to atmospheric agents and direct sunlight. Thanks to these mixes there is no problem fitting dust boots on hydraulic distributor levers in closed cabins, even when they are exposed to direct sunlight. The average life of the boot fitted on a hydraulic valve does not determine the average life of the valve itself, but after breakage of the boot any dust, dirt and water that may filter into the body of the valve will cause it to deteriorate rapidly.

Careful design and laboratory testing make it possible to achieve standards of quality that were unimaginable just a few years ago: by selecting the most suitable polymer base, formulating the mixes using tried and tested recipes and designing the rubber protection carefully, it is possible to achieve a perfect seal on the lever, making it resistant to oil and grease and also ensuring an average working life that is more than adequate even in geographical areas with extremely hot or cold climates.

Another significant point is the aesthetic effect that a well-designed boot shaped to fit the lever can give to a hydraulic valve or distributor, particularly if the boot is capable of retaining its color, surface finish and flexibility for a long period of time.

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In the hydraulic pumps sector, Barbieri specializes in the design and manufacture of rubber seals, rubber membranes and anti-seepage gaskets. The mixes are tested in the field and in the laboratory. With fifty years of experience in this sector, we can now achieve excellent seal results even at high pressures, and prevent seepage even without the aid of additional rigid components.

Barbieri’s patented technology allows “flash-free” molding, which delivers a considerable improvement in seal-in rubber components working inside hydraulic pumps.

Constant contact with hydraulic fluid obviously requires the use of NBR-based mixes, but high pressures combined with relatively high temperatures, plus the possibility of friction and the need to maintain a perfect seal, often make it necessary to turn towards much more high-performance compounds, that are designed and tested specifically for the pump in question.

Barbieri Rubber also produces a series of rubber accessories for hydraulic valves and distributors, such as actuator buttons using rubber-metal co-molding technology, valve or solenoid valve guards, connector covers and simple dust guards that snap onto the body of the valve or distributor, obviously all made of oilproof rubber, also resistant to ozone.


Compounds that are always oilproof, but are also long-lasting and resistant to acidic or alkaline substances are used for particularly heavy-duty applications, or when it is necessary to achieve high levels of reliability. These compounds are used in power stations, on planes, or for aerospace and railway applications, as material for safety devices, safety valves, deviators, maximum pressure valves, filler valves and proportional valves.