Elastic Closures

Created as result of a study on how best to fasten the telemetry control unit on the F1 Ferrari, these closures triggered great interest from customers looking for a safe, yet elastic and economic way of fastening their equipment. Due to customer demand, BARBIERI has extended production of these elastic rubber fasteners as elastic Straps and elastics rubber Closures.



The main advantages of the rubber belts are:

+ safe, elastic fastening that can be removed quickly

+ versatility of application, from mechanics to furnishing and clothing

+ vibration damping

These rubber fasteners date back to the legendary FIAT 500, and they have since been widely adopted by the agricultural and garden machinery sectors.

BARBIERI manufactures a full range of these rubber fastening devices, using mixes that guarantee elasticity while maintaining the right amount of “pull” on the hood. The elastic rod also acts as a shock absorber even in the presence of considerable vibrations. Today, applications range from nautical and agricultural machines, to automotive uses such as the renovation of historic cars.

The main advantages of fastening with rubber hood rods are:

+ Maximum elasticity

+ Various standard lengths

+ Extremely practical