Our 50 years of experience qualify us to co-design boots and bellows for joysticks, and to customize them for special devices by supporting the customer during the entire project phase.

Continuous collaboration with our mold makers and partners, coupled with the latest technology, have enabled us to greatly improve the level of materials and design. So now we are able to deliver bellows with excellent durability, which are highly resistant to low or high temperatures, and are aesthetically pleasing, featuring invisible mold parting lines and injection points.



Barbieri Rubber makes customizable rubber bellows that are ideal for a wide range of precision applications.

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Restrictions and Relative Solutions

The polar movement of levers and joysticks significantly complicates the behavior of any protection that can be installed. A rubber bellow is the best solution to avoid short life and cracks, but if the bellow is not properly designed it will present defects during prolonged use, mainly in the convolutions, this will cause an unsatisfactory aesthetic result but will also reduce the operability. It is very important to study the angles and movement amplitude to design the bellows so that they are able to follow all the possible positions and path with no internal material stress.

Moreover, the joystick bellow is a component that stands out, so it is very important to utilize the new special compounds in order to obtain a product that is functional, but at the same time meets the required aesthetics.


During the past 50 years of our research all our bellows and boots materials have been continually improved and tested onsite and even in customer laboratories in order to improve all the material’s features.

Our joystick bellows are mostly produced with special materials, only by express request by the customer do we use standard compounds, and then only for more basic bellows applications, using such polymers as NBR, EPDM, CR. The new compounds of today are a special mix of this standard polymeric material plus other additives and preservative materials. There are designed to withstand wide temperature ranges. These materials are excellent for outdoor applications because they are resistant to degradation by exposure to the sun’s UV rays, and can be formulated to be also resistant to prolonged contact with mineral oils and greases.

In the electronic joystick sector, BARBIERI RUBBER has also developed compounds with total absence of sulfur, which is conductive and used when migrating could cause undesired contacts. In addition, aniti-static, conductive and dielectric compounds have been set-developed and they have to be selected according to the electrical application to which they are subjected.

For special applications, new molding technologies now allow for bellows production in more sophisticated materials such as: VMQ, Silicone, FKM, Viton, CR, Neoprene, and Chloroprene.


For urgent needs see our list of standard CONE BELLOWS for which we already have the production mold.