Shock Absorbers/Feet

The rubber feet, also called rubber bumpers or shock absorbers, are composed of a rubber part vulcanized directly to a metal part, which usually features a disk with a screw attached to it.


The adhesion of rubber to metal comes from standard shock absorber production technology, composed of two screws, male or female, between which is interposed a disk of elastic polymer material that can damp down the vibrations of one part over another.

Additional information


The rubber feet are obviously used as a foot support, but also as anti-vibration buffer, to soften the impact of a mass in motion. In the first case they offer the advantages of adhesion to the surface and vibration damping that no other material can provide. In the second case they are used as end stroke buffers and offer excellent durability and flexibility.


Various materials can be used for the feet, but the standard material used is the rubber SBR, a material that combines excellent mechanical properties and durability. Production in other materials can be considered in cases in which the article is used in different conditions from that of the norm, in regards to temperature and contact with aggressive substances.

Other materials: Silicone, VMQ, Neoprene, CR, Dutral, HNBR, Viton ®, FKM, etc…